Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

July 2016 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Davnel
Age 19


Happy July everyone! We are extremely excited to share July’s Artist of the Month with you. This special Young Artist comes to us through our new partner, The Laser Painting Program. Let’s give a big round of applause to DAVNEL (Age 19)!

Davnel first became an ArtWorks participant when he took part in Express Yourself-New York 2014 at the recommendation of his school–a public special needs school in NYC. He says of his art, “I am so proud of my work because it is beautiful and I created it! I like working with black, blue, purple, yellow and green. These colors make me happy!” Davnel’s love and passion for art is more than evident in his vibrant and awe-inspiring paintings!

photo (2)Davnel is part of The Laser Painting Program run by artist Deborah Dawson. The program allows individuals with limited mobility, like Davnel, to create large paintings by directing a laser dot onto a canvas from either a headband or glove that Deborah follows with a paint brush. All parts of the creative process are dictated by the Young Artist including brush size, color, and when the painting is finished. Davnel shares with us, “I love to create beautiful pictures because I love laser art. It is very special. I would like to be a professional Laser Art artist someday!”

ArtWorks is ecstatic to have Davnel join us as an ArtWorks Young Artist! We can’t wait to see him continue to grow as a bright and passionate artist! Davnel continues to create because art brings him joy, and he encourages everyone around him and beyond to make art too!

Take a peek into how The Laser Painting Program works here!