Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

October 2016 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Jack
Age 12


For thdsc_6008e month of October, we are honored to remember and celebrate the life and creative talents of ArtWorks Young Artist Jack through the ARTIST OF THE MONTH program.

At the age of 10, Jack was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and was admitted to Monmouth Medical Center. His admission to Monmouth was followed by a series of long stays in the hospital, during which Jack created beautiful pieces through the Monmouth art program. Jack came to join the ArtWorks family when a Child Life Specialist approached him to show his work in the ArtWorks Express Yourself showcase.

Jack felt that painting and drawing was relaxing, and he almost always chose to make art about his happy place—Long Beach Island. He loved to paint lighthouses, and one his favorite paintings was of a sandpiper. H698a6dd1e drew, painted, and dreamed of being at Long Beach Island when he could not. He loved to fish, he loved sports, and played golf, baseball, basketball, tennis, and was a swimmer too! Jack also played the piano, and was an avid Star Wars, Jaws, and Indiana Jones fan. He especially loved trains, weather, sharks, and a good story and a good laugh. Jack always had a smile on his face, never complained and inspired everyone around him to be kind and thoughtful. 

A number of paintings by Jack were donated to the Monmouth Medical Center Foundation Benefit to raise money for other children facing illnesses, and lighthouse t-shirts and prints of his work were made to raise more money for this cause. Jack loved that he could give back. His talent and generous spirit continue to help other children facing chronic and life-limiting illnesses. 

Jack relapsed in January 2016 and was admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for a bone marrow transplant. On August 2, 2016, just 69 days after transplant, Jack passed away at age 12 due to complications from the treatment.

Jack’s artwork is truly beautiful and joyful, and we feel fortunate to have worked with him and seen his creativity. This feature was written with the generous assistance and involvement of Jack’s family. Please visit the following link to learn more about Jack and his love-filled life: