Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

Age 20


“I love the relationship between Child Life and ArtWorks! Providing our patients with a creative outlet has empowered so many and their families. It really helps facilitate the most positive hospital experience. Varun loves art and uses his creativity to get him through each treatment. We love to watch Varun and his entire family become so excited about his accomplishments through the arts!”
Kristal Neal, Child Life Coordinator
Saint Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.

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Young Artist Highlight

Varun, who is 20 years old, faces a wide range of medical illnesses including Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Yet, his passion and love of the arts helps Varun in challenging times.

Varun has been working closely with ArtWorks Teaching Artist, Robyn Ellenbogen. ArtWorks programming has allowed him to experiment with all different types of mediums and tools as he paints, doodles, and works on different crafts. In the piece above he used tempera paints with foam balls and scrub brushes. We asked Varun what his inspirations are for his artwork and he told us that nature and music expand his creativity!

We are so happy to share that Varun is on his way to recovery! Just this past week, he celebrated his end of treatment by ringing the “milestone bell” at Saint Peter’s and was presented with a medal and cake for finishing treatment!