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Percussion with Reese: Djembe

Join Reese as he explores the sounds of the West African drum called, Djembe. Learn the difference between high and low tones, and you can simply clap, snap or tap along.

Zentangle Doodle with Lindsey

Use patterns and color to create a vibrant Zentangle drawing. All you need are markers and paper. Download Lindsey’s pattern making template to practice your patterns.

Graffiti with Yako: Bubble Letters

Learn the basics of creating your own graffiti style. Join Yako440 for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create bubble-style lettering. All you need are markers and paper to get started.

Photo Collage with Steven

Use the camera on your mobile device and the free app, PicStich to create unique photographic collages. 

Stretch and Movement with Ashley

Join Ashley for some basic stretch movements that can be done standing-up or seated in a chair or bed. 


Sketchbook Doodle with Russ

Russ leads us through his process to create doodles in his sketchbook. He encourages you to follow along or try some of his techniques in your own doodle. Suggested Materials: paper, pens, pencils, crayons, and markers. 

Beatboxing with Duv #1

All you need is your mouth to make the three basic sounds of beatboxing. 

Sing-a-long with Rebecca

All you need is your voice and listening ears to sing-a-long with Rebecca. This video is especially great for young children. 

Watercolor Painting with Michelle

Start a freeform watercolor painting using basic colors, paper and a cup of water. 

Movement for Young Children with Ashley

Ashley uses fun and simple movements combined with children’s song favorites in this workshop designed specifically to get young children movement either standing or from a chair or bed.

Meditation with Ashley

Reset your mind and body as Ashley guides you through this relaxing meditation session. 

Upper Body Stretching with Ashley

Join dance and movement specialist, Ashley Ervin as she guides you through stretching the upper body. This workshop can be done sitting in a chair or bed. 


Choreography with Ashley

Learn basic dance movements that you can combine together to create your own choreographed dance routine. This workshop can be done from standing or seated positions. 

Beatboxing with Duv #3

“I got bars”  – Learn to count bars read a time signature and combine a string of sounds into an intro or outro for any song.

Beatboxing with Duv #2

In this lesson, Duv shows how to add pauses to breathe and connect basic sounds together. 

Paper Puppets with Lindsey

Learn to make simple animal puppets from scrapbook paper with Pepperoni the Guinea Pig.

Paper Flowers with Lindsey: Part 1

Learn to make a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers. All you need is paper, scissors, glue and markers to create this lovely craft. 

Paper Flowers with Lindsey: Part 2

Learn an additional paper flower-making technique with Lindsey to expand your bouquet. 

VanGogh Painting with Lindsey

Explore the textural painting techniques of Vincent VanGogh to create your own version of “Starry Night.” 

Percussion with Reese: Rainsticks

Percussion can be calm and create a mellow mood. Sing along and relax to the soothing sound of Reese’s rainsticks. No special instruments are needed. 

Percussion with Reese: Triangle

You don’t need instruments to drum along with Reese. Grab some spoons, clap, snap and have fun!

Percussion with Reese: Maracas

Dance, snap, clap and have fun with Reese and his maracas. Ask your Child Life Specialist for an ArtWorks Egg Shaker!

Percussion with Reese: Lollipop Drum

Shake your sillies out with Reese and his playful Lollipop drum. Grab an eggshaker, clap your hands, or snap your fingers!

Percussion with Reese: Drumsticks

You don’t need drums to play with drumsticks. Reese uses his drumsticks to create a variety of clicking rhythms. Use two pencils, your fingers, snap, clap or tap to join Reese. 

Percussion with Reese: Cowbell

More cowbell! Join Reese for this rocking good time. All you need are your hands to clap, snap or tap.

Percussion with Reese: Cymbals

Cymbals create a high-pitched vibration. Join Reese as he explores the sounds of his finger cymbals. 

Percussion with Reese: Bongos

Enjoy a variety of Cuban-inspired beats with Reese and his Bongo drums. You don’t need any special instruments to participate. Clap, snap, tap, or simply listen. 

Body Percussion with Reese

Create rhythms and beats using only your body.

The Drum Break with Reese

Learn about an important transitional rhythm popular in African Drumming.

Percussion with Reese: Dancing

In this video, Reese continues to help us find new ways to express rhythm using our body while seated or standing.

Reflection Photography with Steven

Use the camera on your mobile device to create abstract photographic compositions with just holiday lights and aluminum foil. 

Wax Paper Photography with Steven

Use wax paper and water to create a mystical landscape using the camera on your mobile device.

Abstract Photography with Steven

Use an empty paper towel roll (or a rolled up piece of dark construction paper) and a flashlight to create an abstract composition with the camera on your mobile device.

Bokeh Wall Photography with Steven

Abstract your background to create a dramatic composition using just the camera on your mobile device, aluminum foil, and a special object of your choice.

Abstract Portraits with Russ: Part 1

Part one of this two-part lesson first explores creating the base of your drawing and introduces the use of pattern to map a composition. 

Abstract Portraits with Russ: Part 2

This section introduces the use of color, pattern, and shape to create depth and areas of focus in your portrait. 

Abstract Landscape with Russ

Explore using color and pattern to create an abstract world of your own.

Graffiti with Yako: Straight Letters

Learn the basics of creating your own graffiti style. Join Yako440 for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create straight-style lettering. All you need are markers and paper to get started.

Graffiti with Yako: Block Letters

Use right angles and rectangles to create graffiti-style block lettering.

Graffiti with Yako: Drips, Bubbles and Stars

Add dimension and texture to the background of your graffiti lettering with these techniques for drawing drips, bubbles and stars. 

Graffiti with Yako: Script Letters

Turn your own script handwriting into bold graffiti lettering.

Graffiti with Yako: Scroll Background for Script Letters

Learn to add a scrolling background to your graffiti script lettering. 

Music with Rebecca

Sing along to pop-culture favorites and try an introduction to songwriting. 



Sing-a-long with Rebecca

Rebecca is back with more musical favorites including a song from Disney’s Frozen 2!