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Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center Welcomes New Art Cart!


Sarah Rabitz (on bottom left) and family (clockwise: Steve, Yael, and Joshie Rabitz).

Over and over again, ArtWorks sees that it is never too early to begin a practice of philanthropy, and sometimes our youngest donors are the most generous of all! 

On August 30, 2016, The Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center was gifted with a fully sponsored ArtWorks Art Cart through the generous fundraising campaign led by Sarah Rabitz! In honor of her Bat Mitzvah, Sarah launched the HELP PUT THE “MITZVAH” IN SARAH’S BAT MITZVAH campaign to raise $5000 to go towards placing a new art cart at one of ArtWorks’ partner hospitals, and filling it with amazing art supplies for our participants. The campaign raised OVER $5000, and Sarah, along with her family, continues to support ArtWorks and our mission!

Sarah, a budding artist and philanthropist, also created artwork for the Art Cart Launch (and a number of other ArtWorks events) to give out to our Young Artists! We are excited to see Sarah’s spirit of giving and creativity continue to grow! 

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