From our Teaching Artist workshops and general celebrations of our Young Artists and our programming, there is never a dull moment with ArtWorks!

WWRSD Has Heart Event Tonight!

One of our favorite nights of the year has arrived! Since 2015, ArtWorks has been the beneficiary of the WWRSD Has HeART Event at Westwood Gallery. Tonight, we will be attending the opening reception of the exhibition where ArtWorks Young Artist, Za’myah will have her piece featured among 14 bodies of works by Westwood students. Thank you so much Westwood Regional for continuously supporting ArtWorks! We can’t wait to celebrate the arts together! 

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Thank you to Rich Art Color!

Fresh new paints make our days exceptionally brighter! Thank you to Rich Art Color for donating washable paints so that our Young Artists have the tools to continue express themselves! Pictured here: ArtWorks longtime volunteer, Arielle. #LetArtHeal

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In Honor of #WorldCancerDay

“Road to Recovery” by ArtWorks Young Artist Camryn from Cohen Children’s Medical Center embodies her personal journey as a cancer patient. “There were days of sadness and despair,” she told ArtWorks. But by using art in her healing process, she has found herself on the road to recovery. #WorldCancerDay

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A Thoughtful and Generous Gift From Corrine!


For her 4th birthday, Corrine wanted to share her love of art with other kids in need and asked her friends and family for donations of art supplies instead of presents for herself. Corinne’s supply drive was a huge success and last week she delivered a box filled with 129 supplies and craft kits for #ArtWorksKids. We are inspired and grateful for her generosity.

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Art Could Help Med Students Become Better Doctors!

We love when we find further proof that medicine needs art!

Columbia University Irving Medical Center 
Weill Cornell Medicine

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Last week, a panel of judges selected 14 winning ‘heart’ works by young artists grades K-12 to represent the Westwood Regional School District in their 7th annual WWRSD Has HeART event. Included in the event will be ArtWorks Young Artist, Za’myah who’s piece will receive an honorary award for her heart creation. For the past 5 years, WWRSD has chosen ArtWorks as their charity recipient for this event. We are so honored to continue to celebrate the achievements and creative expression of so many talented Young Artists! Please join us on Wednesday, February 6th as we meet all the finalists at the opening reception at the Westwood Gallery! 



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Exhibition at Johnson and Johnson

Yesterday, we visited the ArtWorks Express Yourself Then & Now exhibition, at Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over 25 Young Artist adorned the walls of the world headquarters building and we were honored that our Young Artists’ pieces were able to be a part of each individual’s day as they pass by.  

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The Art of Listening!

We recently hosted an “ear opening” seminar at Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital led by Communications and Listening Coach, Sandra Bodin-Lerner.  We learned how difficult it can be to truly be a good listener.  Sandra gave the gathered group of Child Life Specialists many great tools to improve their listening and even walked us through a snowflake making craft.  We ended up creating all different snowflakes from the very same orated instructions!  We all know that no two snowflakes are alike, but when listening, it is important to accurately “hear” what someone is really saying! 

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Make A Difference With Your Gift

The spirit of giving is all around us, and we humbly ask you to consider ArtWorks in your charitable giving this year.  Thank you for giving creative expression to the Young Artists whom we are privileged to serve. #LetArtHeal 
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