Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

November 2015 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Benjamin
Age 8


Benjamin is an artist with many stories to tell! He loves to tell stories about the people around him, about the emotions that he feels, and about the fun facts he has learned that he would like to share with others. For example, in one of his recent creations, Benjamin shows a group of colorful hummingbirds flying around. The piece was created for his mother Nina who likes hummingbirds, and the beautiful drawing is titled “Mom.” This masterpiece will be on display at Express Yourself-New Jersey 2015 at the Montclair Art Museum on November 1st, and this will be Benjamin’s second year as a participant in ArtWorks’ Express Yourself program!

Benjamin’s mother, Nina, tells ArtWorks of her talented son, “Benjamin has been creating art since he was an infant. He has loved that atmosphere from a very young age. . . He loves to tell jokes and tell fun facts about animals. In one of his pictures, he drew a bowl where the plant produces nectar into the bowl for hummingbirds! Benjamin loves to learn about animals, weather, and religion. He is very humble and gentle, but because of his shyness and emotional state, many people don’t know this about him.”

Whether the mood is sunny or cloudy, busy or dull, happy or sad, Benjamin considers everything when he draws. Drawing is truly a way for him to express his feelings! And what we cannot convey in words, Benjamin shows through the pictures he creates. ArtWorks is excited to be a part of Benjamin’s growth as an amazing artist!



Title: Mom