Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

April 2015 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Giza
Age 3



Giza is a spirited young 3 year old who paints almost every day. This year Giza has two masterpieces that will be featured at Express Yourself NY 2015.

Young Giza is a survivor of bilateral retinoblastoma and this month marks Giza’s second year being cancer free! She loves to color with her Mom and paint with her Aunt along with dance and take gymnastics! Giza is inspired to create for her Mom, Dad, brothers and other family members including her dog Mustang. Giza tells us “I have a therapy dog named Mustang. He is my best friend. He loves me.” One of her submissions is dedicated to Mustang. She also says that her style of art is all about using one color and painting the whole thing over and over.


Title: Mustang’s Picture
“A picture for my therapy dog, Mustang. He loves me. He follows me wherever I go and I love him. He’s my best friend.”

Giza’s Mom, Rebecca, advocates for her and seeks opportunities to celebrate Giza and her creativity. She offers her any opportunity to share her talent and use art as an outlet for whatever she might be feeling. “Giza is a miracle. She is known in the medical community as one of a few patients to have made such a miraculous recovery. To our family, she is known as a young Picasso! Having cancer for almost half her life has been difficult but it has come with some joy too. Discovering her love of art has changed her world and has brightened ours. I value any organization, such as ArtWorks, that showcases so many young fighters! We are excited about joining the ArtWorks community for our first Express Yourself show this May!”

Giza is now in preschool and excited to visit Disney this summer. She said “I want to meet Cinderella because I want all my dreams to come true!



Title: Giza’s Feelings
“I paint at my Auntie and my Mom’s house. I like to paint. It makes me happy. I need it. I don’t like to share or leave my paintings because I need them.”