Throughout the year, the ArtWorks community meets a Young Artist from one of our programs who has used the creative and performing arts to help them cope with their illness.

April 2017 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Jeremy
Age 21


 “Jeremy’s face lights up when he does art. He spends most of the day when he’s in the hospital drawing pictures and decorating his room. Seeing all of his pictures hung up always makes everyone smile when they walk in the room. He is a very special young man and I am so happy that ArtWorks has helped him channel his energy and gave him a platform to express himself.”
-Kimberly Mason, Child Life Specialist at Hackensack UMC

Every first of the month, ArtWorks has an exciting chance to feature one of our many creative Young Artists. This month, we are privileged to introduce Jeremy! Jeremy is 21 years old and first connected with ArtWorks through The Child Life Staff at Hackensack UMC! Read below to learn more about Jeremy and his artistic talents! 

What ArtWorks programs have you participated in and in what year? (Ex: Express Yourself, Teaching Artist Program, and or Surprise! Supplies).
I attend the STRIVE Program in Ridgefield Memorial School. My art teacher has exhibited my work at NJ PAC in 2014, Ridgefield Library in 2015 and at Ridgefield Memorial High School as Artist of the Month in November of 2016. I had a solo art exhibit at North Bergen Library in December of 2015. 
Tell us about your experience in our programs?
I have faced prolonged hospitalizations and multiple surgeries. I was introduced to your programs by the Child Life Program at Hackensack University Medical Center. My artist name is “Artist American Jeremy, USA” If you google my name and “the fun of sketching” you can read more about me!

What inspires and influences your artwork?
I love to make people happy when they look at my artwork so I sketch happy animal faces with big eyes and sometimes naughty expressions like sticking out the tongue or a mouse stealing cheese.

What can you tell us about the piece(s) you made? What materials did you use? Where did you get your ideas from? What is your favorite part?
I like to sketch simple lines in pencil and use minimal shaping with crayons for effect. I make my sketches of animal faces come alive by making the eyes larger than life with very large pupils. People say the animals in my sketches seem to look at them no matter where they are in the room. I love that!

Share some words that you would like to pass onto ArtWorks and all the children and young adults of the ArtWorks community!
I have spent a lot of time in (the) hospital and making art sketches makes me happy. When the doctors and nurses and all the staff come into my room and say “wow, is this your art! You are a great artist!” this makes me feel excited, happy and important. I told my teacher I want my name in lights, I want to be famous. I like surrealism because it has a happy surprise in every piece of art. Bosch made many funny faces, sometimes people say to me “Gosh oh gosh, is that a Bosch?” because of the happy faces I sketch.